Key clutter

More than two dozen keys! Surely we don't need all of them.Do you have a pile of keys like this in a drawer, or maybe even on hooks? At our house we drop keys into a pottery jar (or onto a kitchen counter). We seem to have a ridiculous amount of keys for two adults.

For a quick sense of accomplishment, I spent five minutes doing what I could to identify keys and then got my husband to try to identify the rest.

  • 13 keys will go to the new owners of our house
  • 1 long-gone Kryptonite bike lock key went in the trash
  • 1 key for a missing locking cable went in the trash
  • 4 mystery keys went in the trash
  • 2 keys are suspected of belonging to my father-in-law and will be checked and returned or trashed
  • some crummy unused key chains also went in the trash

It’s small progress, but it also required very little time or effort, and no emotional decision-making.

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