When the real change begins

When I started blogging about simplifying, I knew there were established simplifying/minimalist bloggers out there. They are excellent writers with thousands of followers. Some of them give TED talks.

I decided to blog anyway, if only to keep myself honest to the three friends who are reading this. But I wish my blog were more. More interesting. More insightful. More useful.

Part of the problem is this: moving from a house to a smaller, but still plenty spacious, condo and getting rid of a bunch of stuff we didn’t really care about is not a very interesting story. Mostly it has been a lot of work.

In contrast, Courtney Carver left her corporate job to help others “be more with less” and now she’s coaching people who want to start what she calls microbusinesses. Lorilee Lippincott, who was already homeschooling her two kids, downsized with her husband to a spare one bedroom apartment and is now “loving simple living” in China. A couple in South Africa— whose goal was not to simplify but to experience and learn from the grinding poverty so many black South Africans are locked into—found a  generous and strong community in a place where people had very few possessions. These writers took risks and skillfully identified elements of their experiences that others can learn and benefit from.

And that’s where I need to push myself. Tinkering at the edges is not going to result in the kinds of change I want to see in my life. Taking thoughtful risks—and having guaranteed moments of doubt and discomfort, possibly panic—is the only way to grow. When the real growing and learning starts, I think I’ll be pleased to see it reflected back in this blog.

9 thoughts on “When the real change begins

  1. Just found your blog and am signing up to receive by e-mail. A thought on this post – we can’t ALL be leaders or else there is no one to follow. But even yours (and my) less impressive simplifying/minimalism story can be inspirational to someone. Sometimes reading someone’s seismic changes can be daunting. As for me, I like reading about the “everyday woman”. Glad I found your blog!

  2. I just found your blog. I enjoyed reading this post and look forward to reading more. I actually stopped reading some of those blogs because they ceased to have any relevance to my somewhat ordinary, just carry on type of life. So in my effort to simplify and streamline, I no longer read them, but will continue to read your blog.

    • It’s good to know there’s an audience for “ordinary,” since I’m pretty sure there’s no imminent threat of my simplifying story turning “extraordinary.” 😉 Thanks for your comment. I’m really looking forward to hearing from other people who are simplifying.

  3. Recently found your blog as I’ve been researching minimalism. Thank you for being ‘average’. You give reasonable and attainable advice! After having the daunting task of cleaning out our parents home of 45 years, my husband and I have vowed to lead a more simple and minimal life for ourselves and eventually, our children. I am so looking forward to this journey. Thanks for all the good ‘normal’ inspiration! Following!

    • Hi Kris – glad you found some inspiration in my “average” journey! (I quickly realized after publishing the post that I don’t want to have a dramatic minimalist story to tell – average is just fine!)

      We expect to have at least two parent homes – both out of state – to clean out when those parents need to move or when they pass away, and that overwhelming knowledge makes us more steadfast in our commitment to keeping our stuff manageable (and finances organized, wishes documented, etc).

    • (Reply continued)
      I wish you the best on your journey! Please feel free to share insights or anything you found especially helpful in your efforts to reduce stuff. Thanks for following!

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