Sustaining a lifelong effort

I keep realizing, as if it’s new information each time, that simplifying will be a lifelong effort. After the cooking binge last weekend, I easily ate well all week. But in the last two weeks I also bought several non-necessities and put a bunch of miles on the car. Is that what a simplifier does? Sometimes? It depends?

Obviously, each person has their own take on simplifying and their own limits. One person who posted on this blog is trying not to buy anything other than absolute necessities. She says it’s really hard (I’m sure!), especially because people around her are engaged in gleeful consumerism. In her case, and my own, I think it’s important to go back to personal goals. I already articulated what I was trying to change—now I need to periodically and honestly evaluate whether my behavior and choices are in alignment with what I say I’m trying to achieve.

Reminders from other people about what’s important in life keep me inspired and motivated. Last week the blogger behind Brain Pickings wrote 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living to commemorate the seventh anniversary of her blog. The seven things are broader than simplifying and are worth reading.

2 thoughts on “Sustaining a lifelong effort

  1. Great post! I look at “simplifying” the same way I came to look at weight loss 4 years ago. If I really wanted the change to stick I have to make it an ongoing process. Thanks, too, for the link to Brain Pickings post!

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