Happy New Year!

In lieu of making resolutions (do they ever work?), I’ve been thinking about lessons from the past year. Here are two I’d like to share.

Micro: making my own bathroom cleaners is cheaper, faster and easier*, less damaging to the environment, and creates less waste, while still getting the job done. Baking soda paste, an old toothbrush, and scrubbing are a good replacement for toxic spray used to remove mildew and soap scum from bathroom tile.

Macro: in the process of simplifying—which requires articulating priorities and then taking action—I realized how passively I’d been living my life. I used to rue my bad diet and lack of exercise as if what I put in my mouth and how much I moved were controlled by someone else. In hindsight, that lack of awareness seems ridiculous, but there was definitely a lightbulb moment—after I started making changes—when I realized that a lot of the things I didn’t like about my life were well within my power to change.

So am I getting enough exercise these days? Heck no. But I’m eating better, reading a lot, enjoying my job more, managing money a little better, and finding ways to reduce my environmental footprint. These changes were easier to make after we downsized our living space (not possible for everyone, I know) and began reducing clutter and the negative energy it carries, and after I started making more intentional choices. My goal this year is to keep my new habits while giving more focus and energy to other areas I want to change.

* faster and easier to mix up more cleaner using ingredients that are easy to keep on hand rather than making a trip to the store

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