Lasagna puttanesca and more

Warm lentil and potato salad, photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

Warm lentil and potato salad, recipe and photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

There haven’t been any food-related posts for awhile because I fell back into my old patterns. I ended up throwing out some rotten vegetables purchased with the best of intentions, and eating a bunch of junk that was quick and overpriced and, in some cases, made me feel worse not better.

So I’m glad to be moving beyond worthy excuses (the holidays, work deadlines, suspected norovirus, and a lingering weather phenomenon called the polar vortex) and starting to cook again.

Note: before the holidays I wondered if I should make an effort to find and post recipes that don’t take a lot of time to prepare and don’t require what sound to me like “fancy” ingredients (capers? cornichons?). However, I’ve realized that part of what motivates me to cook is the opportunity to try new things (such as capers and cornichons), and that investing time in preparing something that reheats well is worth the effort.

I’ll continue posting recipes that I have enjoyed making and eating—using Pinterest so you can see the original recipe and picture along with my comments—and you can of course ignore whatever is not useful to you.

Lasagna Puttanesca (if you’re going to invest in capers for this recipe, consider also making the warm lentil and potato salad)

Warm lentil and potato salad

Roasted cauliflower and caramelized onion tart

Cauliflower fritters (or not)

2 thoughts on “Lasagna puttanesca and more

  1. Capers also taste good in scrambled eggs with swiss cheese! I throw away icky, old vegetables that I haven’t used in time too. So frustrating and I feel really guilty..

    • Hi Andrea! Thanks for the tip about capers in scrambled eggs.

      Yes, throwing away food results in double regret — first for the food, then for the money spent on the food — plus a subtle feeling of failure in managing a simple resource. What has helped me is choosing three recipes that I think will store/reheat well and that share some ingredients, shopping on Saturday morning, and then cooking on Saturday afternoon. I resisted this for a long time, and now that I’m doing it I don’t quite know why — maybe because I wanted my weekends to be free of “obligations”? Anyway, it feels good to be eating most of the food we buy.

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