Recycling and disposing of unwanted stuff

If you’re actively reducing your stuff, you’ve undoubtedly wondered how you can find a new home for usable items or how to properly dispose of others. Below is a not-comprehensive list of resources in Minneapolis/St. Paul. There may be similar resources where you live.

Art, craft, and some office supplies
ArtScraps Reuse Store, St. Paul (call ahead to see what they can use)

Home electronics and phones
Best Buy stores (multiple locations)

Home electronics, including printers and computer cables
Tech Dump, Golden Valley

Dispose of mercury-containing CFL and fluorescent bulbs responsibly—ask if your hardware store has a collection program or take the bulbs to your local hazardous waste disposal site; LED bulbs don’t contain mercury, but their parts can be recycled—ask if the retailer where you purchased them has a recycling program

Tips for disposing of medications at home

Recycle your old eyeglasses

Return wire hangers to the dry cleaner

Recycle Brita water filters at most Whole Foods Markets

Furniture and clothing consignment in the Twin Cities

Household chemicals, used motor oil and filters, electrical cords, and needles and other sharps
Ramsey County Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites
Hennepin County Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites

Tools, and new and gently used home improvement and building supplies
ReStore, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Roseville

Other things including clothing in good condition, mattresses, magazines, cloth, and medical equipment
Hennepin County A-to-Z How to Get Rid of It Guide
Time to Organize

Community oganics composting
MacGrove organics site offers 24/7 access for people who live or work in St. Paul (by recycling and using this organics site, we have reduced our household garbage by about 85%)

Organics recycling is also now available at six Ramsey County Compost sites; check the schedule for site hours

Yard and tree waste
Ramsey County Yard Waste Collection Sites
Hennepin County Yard and Tree Waste Disposal

2 thoughts on “Recycling and disposing of unwanted stuff

  1. I would like to encourage anyone on the minimalist/simplifying journey to donate any unwanted items to charities that need support for their clients who may be in poverty. Charities host fundraisers and other events that provide clients with gifts or programs and services to enhance their well-being. The most joyful thing I have ever done in my minimalism lifestyle is to make an offering to a non-profit organization. There are many of these entities all over the world that help people in poverty, single parents, those with mental illness with or without addictions etc. Please give wisely-some may even offer a charitable tax receipt for in kind donations. They do important work in our society, so can you.

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