Magazines and paper mail

Simplify with PaperKarmaA year ago I started emailing companies asking them to remove me from their paper catalog mailing lists. Now I’ve discovered there’s an app for this (of course)!  Other ways to cut down on junk mail in the U.S. are described by the Center for a New American Dream.

If you subscribe to paper magazines or newspapers, my suggestion is to keep only the current edition and recycle others because once you fall behind it can be awfully hard (impossible?) to catch up.

If you currently or previously subscribed to some kind of hobby or specialty magazine, you may be holding onto several or more of them because one day you are going to do those cool DIY projects, try those recipes, or take the time to read the articles instead of just looking at the amazing pictures. Maybe. In the meantime, that stack of magazines is serving as a visual and psychological reminder of Things You Say You’re Going to Do But Haven’t and Likely Won’t. Consider donating or recycling the magazines.

In my case I’ve recycled several unread news magazines over the past several months. If I’m not going to make time for learning about current events, I need to be honest about it and just cancel my subscription.



3 thoughts on “Magazines and paper mail

  1. I have a couple of comments. I, too, have fallen into this trap of magazines lying around. I discovered I could read magazines at the library. There are a few I like to look at monthly so I spend an evening thumbing through magazines and if there is something I want to remember I take a picture of it with my cell phone! Lastly, a couple of years ago I asked our mailman what I could do to cut back on all the “mailings”/junk mail he delivered to our door everyday. His reply “I would be glad to give you the number to call but please do not do it. I worry daily about my job security as do my coworkers and if you call that number it cuts down on the number of postal workers they would need.” How’s that for a dilemma? I didn’t call the number and continued to dump at least a brown grocery bag or 2 a month in the recycling.

    • Hi Andrea! Thanks for sharing your practice of reading magazines at the library. I *heart* libraries.

      Yes, the US Postal service is in a tough transition — to a new mission or to obsolescence. Either way I think there are going to be fewer good paying USPS jobs with good benefits that don’t require a college degree, something both my grandpa and my cousin benefited from.

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