If you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul…

Some free, hands-on help with your simplifying
Are you looking for some free hands-on help or motivation with your simplifying? I am looking for a “test case”—someone in Minneapolis or St. Paul I could work with in two three-hour sessions to test my abilities to coach and help someone through the simplifying process. If that sounds interesting, please contact me at ellentveit@gmail.com.

Free repair services
This spring and summer there are good opportunities to have your broken items fixed for free! I brought a knit glove with a hole in the finger (and some scrap yarn) and a broken electric tea kettle to an April Fix-it Fair and left with a hole-less glove and a broken tea kettle with a diagnosis (bad heating element). That April fix-it clinic brought together many talented volunteer fixers and saved 663 pounds of items needing repair at no cost to the item owners. Wow!

The fix-it fairs are organized by a woman-owned St. Paul business called Fixity along with community partners. Check Fixity’s Facebook page for upcoming dates — right now the next fix-it fair is planned for June 28 as part of the St. Paul Public Library’s Maker Fest. Check to see if the fix-it fair includes a recycling drop off for ewaste—you may be able to cross multiple things off your to-do list!

2 thoughts on “If you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul…

  1. I just came across your blog while doing some Googling–I am on a journey to simplify every aspect of my life and want to share with others and am researching others who share my passion. As a fellow Midwestern (I live in Des Moines, IA), I just wanted to stop by and say “hi!”

    • Hi Audrey – thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

      I’m curious about how people who visit my blog are approaching simplifying (where do you start, what’s easiest and what’s most challenging). Feel free to come back and share from your experience.

      I wish you the best in your simplifying, my fellow Midwesterner! 🙂

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