Simplifying kid birthday parties

What to get the six year old who has everything?

You can do what I did, which is make your best attempt to find a gift that is inexpensive but also interesting and interactive and aligned with a reported interest in princesses, then watch that gift (with a lovely card made by the birthday girl’s friend) get added to a pyramid of like packages because about a dozen children were invited to the party and no one arrived empty handed. No one left empty handed either, because sometime between my childhood and now it became a common American middle-class practice for each guest to leave a birthday party with a gift bag of candy and plastic trinkets.

As I plan my son’s upcoming birthday party, my husband and I have agreed to put “no gifts, please” on invitations and to not provide gift bags. There will be cake and classic six-year-old party games adapted to an outer space theme based on my son’s current interests. I will say now that the work and craftiness required to pull that off—on a small budget, by amateurs—has me predicting a special outing with family or a friend next year instead of a party.

If you’re looking for some useful suggestions and encouragement on how to simplify your child’s birthday party and keep the emphasis on fun, check out birthdays without pressure.



One thought on “Simplifying kid birthday parties

  1. It’s crazy how much stuff kids get! I’m so happy my daughter actually got a lot of gift cards from her friends this year – for book stores! Such a great gift!
    Good luck with the space party! 🙂

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