Wherever you’re at, simplifying is worth it

I have not given up on simplifying, in case you were wondering about the lack of recent posts.

The good news is I’ve gotten over the hump—and it sort of snuck up on me after nearly two years—of getting rid of stuff. It’s easy to write about getting rid of stuff and less easy to write about what comes next.

The really good news is that I’ve been busy spending my time doing important things I didn’t used to have time for. Things like reading books and enjoying time with friends and family and not running over pedestrians.

So this is a cheerleading post to say that wherever you’re at in your simplifying journey, it’s worth it!

Here are some aphorisms that have helped me—I hope you find them useful too.

Your priorities are what you do.
(what a simple tool to check in with yourself on whether you’re living as you want to be living)

Simple is not necessarily quick or easy. 
(did you read the beginning of this post? TWO YEARS of getting rid of stuff)

Simplifying is a journey.
(that sounds greeting card-sappy, but it’s a good reminder not to look for a finish line)


3 thoughts on “Wherever you’re at, simplifying is worth it

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