A Twin Cities reuse option for fabric, yarn, textile tools

Zeeda Magnuson fabric art

Fabric art by Zeeda Magnuson on display at the Textile Center.

I happen to live near a non-profit organization called the Textile Center. The center displays works of fiber art in its gallery, rents studio space, offers classes, and sells books, supplies, and finished work.

And that’s where I went to unload a sweater hand knit just for me. Because it had been made with heavy wool yarn, it fit me like a boat anchor, and because it had been hand knit just for me, I could not simply put it in a bag for Goodwill. I thought someone at the Textile Center might be interested in unweaving and reusing the yarn, and instead a young knitter said she would take the sweater and wear it.

The knitter also told me about the Textile Center’s biggest fundraiser: each spring they collect donations of fabric, yarn, and notions, and books and tools for making fiber works, then sell them at deeply discounted prices.

If you’re in the Twin Cities and want to find a good home for unused materials−or if you’re looking for some good deals on materials−mark your calendar!

15th Annual Textile Center sale in Minneapolis  — Saturday, April 11, 2016

Donations will be accepted from 10am-7pm on Thursday, April 11 at the University of Minnesota ReUse Center warehouse in Minneapolis.

2 thoughts on “A Twin Cities reuse option for fabric, yarn, textile tools

  1. Great post! I love that place. I’ve actually bought something there. There is sort of a similar place that takes art and crafty supplies at Hamline and St Clair in St Paul. I love that she’s going to wear your sweater.

    • Hi Andrea – the place that accepts donations of art supplies (including things like bottle caps and paper towel tubes) is called ArtScraps. It’s another arts organization worth supporting.

      Guessing Portland has some similar resources?

      Yes, what a relief to find a good home for that sweater!

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