Repost: How to Simplify Your Career — 6 Things You Don’t Need to Do

Caroline Beaton, in a post for Forbes, describes six useful ways to bring a simplifying mindset to paid work. She also lists some of the same tips I’ve given for better managing technology use (P.S. we have to actually do these things in order for them to work).

  • keep files and bookmarks in one place with short, easily searchable names
  • use an information-less browser homepage like Google‘s search page or Momentum
  • use just one Internet window and close tabs frequently
  • remove applications you don’t use every day from your desktop dock
  • empty your trash at the end of the day
  • relegate social media use and meetings to a certain time of day
  • unsubscribe from emails that aren’t obviously interesting or useful

Thanks to my friend L. for sharing Beaton’s post with me!


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