Motherlode blog on balancing home and work

The author of “The Sweet Spot: Advice for Finding Your Groove at Home and Work”—which I want to read based simply on its promising title—is going to be coaching three American working mothers via the New York Times’s Motherlode blog.

The first bit of advice is to set up boundaries around checking email/Facebook/news feeds.

Intuitively I know this is a good idea and a year ago I wrote on this blog that I was going to do that. And then I didn’t.

I’ll be interested to read in the Motherlode blog if working mother Julie—who said “I know intellectually that I have a great life, but I want to feel it and appreciate it emotionally”—is able to stick to the new boundaries she set and whether she finds some relief by using technology more strategically.

* * *

An hour after publishing what you see above I thought “Hey, I’m not giving myself enough credit!” I have made changes that bring me closer to having social media and easy access to information work for me, rather than being such a passive (and twitchy) consumer. If you’re in the midst of making changes, I hope you stop to appreciate the progress you’ve already made toward your goals.


Simplifying at work

Back in January I decided that simplifying should be doing more for me. I was in the midst of some exhaustingfrustrating thing at work and confused about why someone who’d made so much progress simplifying at home could feel so stressed out. Clearly I wasn’t doing my best thinking. But I did start looking for ways to apply what I’d learned about simplifying to my work, and it’s making a difference.

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